> Beef tartare seasoned with balsamic vinegar and tonka bean, Parmigiano Reggiano fondue, parsley sauce, veal liver patè and sweet and sour Tropea onion
€ 17.00

> Venetian style creamed cod served with crusty polenta, spicy pistachio rocher, spinach sauce and sweet red  pepper
€ 16.50

> Porcini mushrooms smoked soufflè with a heart of Zincarlin (Lake Como local cheese), pumpkin puree, crispy nori seaweed and hazelnut
€ 16.00

> Culaccia di Langhirano ham with fresh figs, dates, almonds, sheep's milk ricotta, celeriac and tarallini
€ 15.50


> "Half Paccheri" Gragnano pasta with our bolognese sauce (local beef, tomato and Ripasso wine) garnish with glasswort and roasted fresh onion
€ 16.00

> Homemade tagliolini creamed with Beppino Occelli butter, black summer truffle, yuzu lime, miso, egg yolk, pecorino romano sauce and crispy bacon
(available in vegetarian version without bacon)
€ 23.50

> Risotto carnaroli Riserva aged 18 months with porcini mushrooms and figs creamed with Roquefort served with homemade cuttlefish ham
(available in a vegetarian version without cuttlefish)
€ 18.50

> Homemade gnocchi with shrimp and Mediterranean squid, vegetable julienne, Cetara anchovy sauce, pumpkin cream and Taggiasca olive powder
(available in vegetarian version without fish)
€ 17.00


> Veal sweetbreads sautéed with Vin Santo from Tuscany and served with spinach cream, porcini mushrooms and Parmigiano Reggiano wafer
€ 25.00

> Sanpietro fish fillet cooked in its broth with coconut milk, yellow tomatoes from Vesuvius, black chickpeas, horseradish scent and raw cauliflower powder
€ 25.00

> Tentacle of roasted Mediterranean octopus flavored with Marsala and rosemary served with baked Tropea onions, red sweet pepper cream and Kalamon olives
€ 26.00

> Selection of 6 cheeses accompanied by organic honey and jams
€ 15.50

> THW PINK HIMALAYAN SALT PLANCHA: All the meats below are cooked on our lava stone grill and served on a hot plancha of pink Himalayan salt, which keeps the meat warm and eventually allows it to be cooked longer. They are all accompanied by potatoes, seasonal vegetables and our homemade sauces (Choose 2 sauces/person: Dijon honey mustard with tarragon; Rustic tartare sauce; Green pepper sauce; Restricted meat sauce with three peppers and Tawny Port; Smokey barbecue):
• Rumsteak- Black Angus USA Nebraska Corn Feed
€ 28.50
• Fillet - Teys Black Angus Australian Premium
€ 30.00
• Aloyau Flap Meat - Scottish Beef IGP
€ 28.50
• Picanha - Black Angus Argentina
€ 28.50
• Sirloin - Black Angus USA Nebraska Corn Feed € 28.50
• Skirt Steak - Black Angus USA Nebraska Corn Feed
€ 28.50
• Rib-eye (Entrecôte) - Carima Marbled Beef Superior Scottona Italiana (Dry aged 45 days)
€ 28.50/portion. Minimum 2 servings
• Secreto - Bellota Iberian pork de Montanera
€ 28.50
• Fiorentina (T bone steak) - Carima Marbled Beef Superior Scottona Italiana (Dry aged 45 days)
€ 72.00/kg (Pieces from 1 kg to 1.5 kg)

INFO: We remind you that our dishes are absolutely artisanal and non-standardized preparations. So for us it's impossible to indicate the allergens of each dish. Therefore, we kindly ask you to always communicate any food intolerances and/or allergies.


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